August 20, 2008

Hats Off to MadBrewLabs - and ..|.. Off to McCain's Blogger

I just had to share this - check out this post over at MadBrewLabs about McCain's asshat blogger. Then read the actual stupid shit the blogger actually said about us. Good god - will the fucking stereotypes ever end?

Seems like The Geek Project also picked this up. Ahhhh.. the fury of a gamer is unmatched... I'm sending a crate of d20's with 20 ones on them to the McCain office right now...

thanks MadBrewLabs for pointing this out (and thanks to your friend for pointing it out to you as well).


  1. I thought you were a hard core conservative? how can you give up on Oldy McOldguy?

  2. Me? Conservative? Bahhh, hell no. You need to drink more with me. This is a major misconception of people I hang out with becuase most of you people are super-ultra crazy liberal types. I'm a liberal moderate with conservative roman empire style roots. Nice to see you on the blogs btw JS

  3. I find that people confuse me as a hardcore conservative too. It might fit if it still meant you wanted a conservative government that adhered to the Constitution.

    Anywho, thanks for the pingback!


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