August 7, 2008

More D&D Magazine Goodness: Kobold Quarterly. Any Others?

I'm always amazed at how market forces work, and how products appear wherever there is a demand for it. Yesterday I posted about the magazine Fight On!, and commented on they were "keeping the tradition of a printed journal alive in the RPG community". One of my sharp eyed readers was quick to point out that Fight On! is not the only magazine in print to fill the void of DRAGON. There's also Kobold, the cleverly titled decedent of DRAGON. Some of you are no doubt thinking, "Yeah, we already knew that!", but what you didn't know was that I have been hiding under a D&D rock for the better part of 4 years (thanks to a horrible fixation on some time sucking game I will only mention in passing). I only reentered the PnP gaming scene about 3 months ago (this is where my gaming roots are; great to be back). So much has changed! No more DRAGON, and all these new zines. So, before I fire up Google to see what else is out there, am I still missing something? What other gaming zines have you come across in the wake of DRAGON's 'electronicafication'? What are your favorite so-called 3rd party products that support your D&D game table?

While I wait for your reply, I'm heading over to Kobold to pick up a couple copies. I'll no doubt offer up some reviews once I recieve them. Until next time: GAME ON!


  1. In the dim confines of my basement somewher I have Dragon magazine issues #6 and #100.

  2. @ Jason : Welcome! Heh.. yeah, my wife has been trying to get me to toss out my DRAGON and DUNGEON mags for years. I think they are in a box in my garage. Hmmm... i should go get them...

  3. Polymancer is a good gaming mag. The content is very generic and usable in most any game. Knights of the Dinner Table is also a good gaming mag that includes a great gaming comic.
    There is also Signs & Portents, though I don't know much about that one other than the fact it is put out by Mongoose. And lastly there is Minotaur Quarterly put out for the quasi game Mazes & Minotaurs.

    That is all I can think of.


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