August 25, 2008

SLASHDOT RULZ Teh InternetZ DooD: WotC Declares Gleemax Site a Critical Failure

I know.. for us in the RPG blogosphere this is "old news" (what.. last week?). Anywho.. I just thought I would share the link to the /. (Slashdot) article even though it is a bit off topic. I was laughing my arse off.

What I found REALLY funny was the comments people are leaving... it sounds exactly like the same sort of crap the McCain blogger came out with last week.

Here are some samples, real gems IMHO:

"Do you really think your D&D character who you've been playing off and on for 30 years since BECMI is so much more legitimate than someone's Tier 6-geared character with thousands of hours of play time? Hint: it's not. Disclaimer: I play WoW. I have 2 70s, neither of which are geared for raiding (yet...). I also run a weekly D&D game and I started a board game club at my college. So if you want to try and argue I'm not a gamer... Well, go right ahead. I don't need your validation. Oh, and my penis is HUGE (in Japan). " -- Asmor


"...who remembers a slashdot-like site named Planet Crap, where gamers, game webmasters, and game developers gathered, posted, discussed, flamed, and trolled? I'd say 1999 called and wants its idea back!"-- sm62704


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